HairCut Reviews For Sport Clips Haircuts of Newark - People's Plaza

1 rating

Woman who cut out sons hair seems like she was more in a rush to go to a 4 th of July party and in the process knicked my sons ear without even a worry. She did not listen to what we wanted and cut all of his curls off. We never returned in case we got her again ,The one in Main Street is great.

5 rating

This is hands down the best barbershop in town. I had a free coupon for me and my son. Our haircuts were better than expected and the staff and service was so good that I told them I did not want to use the coupon. They insisted that I use it, then they gave us 6 "Buddy Cards" to give our friends for $5 haircuts!!! I will tell everyone I know. I LOVE THIS PLACE

1 rating

Not treating all customers the same. I have been a customer for little over a year, Kerri has been great and does a nice job. I recently got a copon for $5.00 off returning customer. Hey I am interested in saving like the next person. I usually forgo the shampoo and just get a hair cut. About two months ago I got my hair cut by a blonde, believe her name is Bonnie. The hair cut was poor at best. She was obviously very rushed, there was a line building. I went to pay and handed her the coupon and she ripped it from my hand and said that does not apply to you, you are not vpm or mpv. So i asked what was the difference and she stated, i did not get a shampoo. I was very tempted to suggest she take me in the back wash my hair charge me for a VPM and give my my discount. She will run even slower, waste time and I would have saved a few dollars. I didn't I just left. (great customer service) I then told Keri on the next appointment and nothing was done to resolve my complaint. This is strike 2.

Rated 2.3 out of 5.0 based on 3 Client reviews