HairCut Reviews For Sport Clips Haircuts of Newark - People's Plaza

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Not treating all customers the same. I have been a customer for little over a year, Kerri has been great and does a nice job. I recently got a copon for $5.00 off returning customer. Hey I am interested in saving like the next person. I usually forgo the shampoo and just get a hair cut. About two months ago I got my hair cut by a blonde, believe her name is Bonnie. The hair cut was poor at best. She was obviously very rushed, there was a line building. I went to pay and handed her the coupon and she ripped it from my hand and said that does not apply to you, you are not vpm or mpv. So i asked what was the difference and she stated, i did not get a shampoo. I was very tempted to suggest she take me in the back wash my hair charge me for a VPM and give my my discount. She will run even slower, waste time and I would have saved a few dollars. I didn't I just left. (great customer service) I then told Keri on the next appointment and nothing was done to resolve my complaint. This is strike 2.

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